Dear Teleosis Community,
Thank you so much for all of the ways you have contributed to the richness of what we created together at Teleosis. It is with profound gratitude for the many years of learning and healing that we make the decision to now close the Teleosis school and clinic, effective August 1st, 2015.

The decision to close has been an emotional and difficult one; it has been a joyous five years and we thank you -- students, clients, coaches, alumni and colleagues-- for every minute of it. The current reality is that costs have increased, students need more flexible educational models, and Teleosis is no longer unsustainable.

If you are looking for homeopathic education, we encourage you to look at some of the other excellent programs available - some in person, others online. The National Center for Homeopathy has a list of many of them here: HOMEOPATHY SCHOOLS Enjoy learning homeopathy!

The Teleosis alumni community continues to thrive; they are devoted to furthering homeopathy, and helping others to do the same. If you are seeking homeopathic care, do contact one of them: ALUMNI

If you are looking for the support of a coach as you learn homeopathy or commence practice, one of the coaches listed on here may be just the right support for you: COACH

Our Core Faculty also continue their homeopathic journey; Loretta with her Sidewalk Clinic, Peris with her Post-grad Roundtable along with additional opportunities she is developing. Kim and Tanya are investigating ways they can offer online modules for the general public & professional homeopaths. To learn more, contact them directly:

The Teleosis collaborative philosophy will live on through Core Faculty and Alumni, and it is our sincere hope that this will seed a new and deeper collaboration throughout the entire homeopathic community.

Let us close with our deep appreciation for all those who helped to develop this amazing, compassionate and significant community.

In peace and gratitude,

Loretta, Tanya, Peris, and Kim


Faculty, Students & Alumni collaborating
at the 2014 JAHC Conference in CA!


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